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I am sorry on the pictures below that could not be transferred. However, they were of several palletized and packaged bins of wood used in his advertising attempt to shaft this person below.
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i found this person to be very rude in his email. the first thing out of his mouth on said e-mail was a laugh at me. i was just inquiring when he could deliver the wood as pictured and priced.
 then my wife called and could not get a straight answer from them as to the price of wood. the are not even in colchester county! they are in musquodoboit.
 i think i will post again. i don't mind paying a "making a lving" price but, i do like the person to treat me with respect.
 thank you for the little pat on the back.
 best wishes.

This is a copy of this original ad below that this letter to me was over. And wow…..this is a many famous phone number for an ad placed well out of his jurisdiction.

colchester county firewood $175 for 165 cu/ft 488-5151

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Date Listed
Truro, NS, Canada
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Dried or fresh firewood for Spring price  
We have  in stock of mostly maple with a little  ash, oak, birch firewood ready for delivery. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact with us.
Visits: 241

---- "Kijiji Reply (from Frank)" <post@kijiji.ca> wrote:
> Hello! The following is a reply to your "con artist. colchester county firewood." Ad on Kijiji:
> From: Frank(d2b@xcountry.tv)

> I do want to thank you for your ad and suggest updating it daily on the front page to warn others. As a member of the Firewood Venders Association, I would suggest forwarding a complaint to both Kijiji and the Measurement Canada Department in Hfx @ 902-426-3831. His name is Arland Gave. He is, and without question, one of the biggest and most crooked Wood Scammers in the business. Presently he has 27 ads on Kijiji as of yesterday under different names and gimmicks and operates from Bissett road near Cow Bay.

> If you would like to find more about him and his tactics, check out my Websites: Frankrhynovalleyfirewood.blogspot.com
> or my other site directly relating to Scammers: franksbestbuyfirewood.blogspot.com and/or Google ‘Wood Buyers Beware’ under the Kijiji news forum for more complaints from other people.

> Again...thanks for posting the warning for people.
> You can respond to "Frank(d2b@xcountry.tv)" by replying to this email.

All original Email addresses posted on this site still work.


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