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Please refer to the section Update #8 for more details on this note:                                        
All of my Website Email addresses are still valid and working.

January/23rd/2012 Info Update:
The shell that this individual is hiding under, the names he operates and cheats people under is becoming more and more available to being uncovered. It is my promise that I will not quit until this person and any others operating in the capacity of improper sellers are made available to the public along with their locations and where they can be found. This particular individual simply has SHAFTED and TREATED PEOPLE POORLY and unfairly in his FRAUDULENT methods and ways. For anyone reading, it is important if you, or someone you know that had been unfairly treated by this individual to come forward and sound off with your words instead of voice. PLEASE READ the latest dispatch, names, numbers and comments my way. On top of that, what this person has done to the people below, especially Joan Scott, is borderline and outright criminal in my personal opinion. PLEASE READ what was sent and forwarded to me. This clearly ties in with the investigation I am currently doing. Frank. 

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Kijiji Reply (from concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca) <post@kijiji.ca> wrote:
Hello! The following is a reply to your "FIREWOOD SUPPLIER (MUST ABIDE BY FOLLOWING GUIDELINES)" Ad on Kijiji:

From: concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca

It sounds like you were an unfortunate customer of Arland (aka Don,...many other names & numbers) He lives at the bottom of Bisset Rd (Cow Bay in Dartmouth area) and would not share that with any customers...will not supply to his neighbours or post numbers in his area. His pager number posted on signs is (902) 458-5314 but his house number is (902)441-8268! You're welcome and I hope you get him and his mom! He's not even a regisitered buyer for wood products (unlike Barrett or Good Wood Fuels)!

You can respond to "concerned_citizen@yahoo.ca" by replying to this email.

January/22nd/2012 Info Update:
I will not bore you with anything since the letters clearly make the point and establish a pattern. I have spoken to both parties and have not touched their letters in any way, other than to remove the proper contact information and phone numbers. It takes a lot to shock me and turn me since, but this letter from Joan is actually somewhat sickening. First of all Joan, I have only been in the actual business since June 17th of 2011. Since you obviously read my site, I am positive by now you know that to be true. I must say that I am truly saddened by what happened to you, and how you were treated. I make it a point not to interfere with people, and their issues, or problems. However, and since I did appeal to people to share their stories, I will see if we can work something out. So, please understand people, this will be a one time thing for me. And based on the measurements you supplied, assuming the wood is cut at 16 inches, the wood came to approximately 1.6113 cords if it was all the same length in cuts. One must calculate the cuts based on two tiers at 32 inches wide. As I see it, Revenue Canada needs to check this individual out. I do suggest at short cording like he is, he is making big dollars at peoples expense.
My story.
Good afternoon 
I wanted to send you my story about a man I bought wood from. I am a single
Mom with 3 kids and on Provincial assistance and just barely gettin by. I bought wood from a man who sold his services to me as Franks firewood Service from somewhere in Halifax. I hope that aint you. That was what the directions showed on Kijiji. I spoke to him several times and tokld him i had to wait until my money came in near the end of the month. He was so nice when he got here. I liked his little dog. So did the kids. I am not sure much about trucks and loads of wood. He fiddled with sume leavers on the side of the box and dumped the wood and i counted him out $680.00 in cash and paid him. He rote a piece of paper up as a bill paid with no name on it. This was in September of 2011.  

My friends husband helped me pile the wood and i was upset. It was not as much wood as i had the last year. When it was done there was 2 piles 5 feet high and 15 feet long on the side of my house. Last year there were 3. Brian said there ain’t no 3 cords of wood there anyway you measure it. He said it was more like a cord and a half to a cord and 3/4s. I tried calling the man for two days and finally got an answer. When i complained, he cursed and swored at me and called my names i never heard before. I never got the wood i agreed to buy and never heard from him again. I had wood last year but the old man i got it from stopped selling. This was the worst wood I got in the 7 years i been in the area. It was terrble stuff. I live out off the number 7 road outside of Dartmouth. I don’t know why i bought from this man. He is a liar and a cheat. I only found out after watchin the ads on Kijiji that he still does this. I still call but never get an answer. I want the rest of my wood i paid for.

I called police like Brian said but was told there was nothing they cpould do cuse they never new who it was. I gave them the phone number i had i called when i spoke to them. It was 401-5198. I am almost out of wood and will not have any past the end of this month and can’t afford to run the elecrtric heat. Do you know anyway i can get hold of this man. I really feel he owes me big time. It is hard enough getting by on a small provincial money check. I did learn a lot from youre website and wonder if you could find it in your soult to help me with some wood for the rest of wintter. I will pay you but will need time. We barely get enouf to get by on in winter. I have no phone now so i haf to do everything by computor.

Joan Scott

I cannot say much about the letter below other than long, full of concerns and much in tune with the many I have spoken to. I do believe the words clearly paint the true picture. Frank.
To Whom This May Concern:
I have spent the better part of a day, reading your info web-site, with tremendous interest...and now outrage!  The web-site was not only informative but educated both myself and my husband to a great (and surprising) extent.  After reading it (and spending the bulk of my time on Sections 8 & 9 and having read the comment section a number of times) I am absolutely appalled that Kijiji would allow such an attack on anyone in this country or to permit someone of this calibre to continue using their site. My biggest concern here is that if this is allowed, without police protection, what is in store for future customers of this person??  Ron & I have tried contacting the Better Business Bureau and made several calls to the police, which did nothing to help our situation. So – where do we turn?  What is the purpose of these avenues of protection for a wronged consumer?  People like this make life miserable for all they come in contact with!  We decided to use the Google Street View Map you placed in your section & there is no doubt in our minds that some of the equipment there is what we viewed on several sites, advertising services.  How can this be allowed?  After enlarging & looking about the whole property, we are completely certain this is the very truck that was in our yard. (Originally, I thought the truck may have been sort of black; however, being dark at the time, it was close in color.
We had the misfortune of buying wood from a person who identified himself as “Frank’s Best Firewood” (or something to that effect).  Contact was made through several phone numbers and transfers – the final contact number being 902-401-5198.  At that time we ordered 4 cords of wood, clearly specifying we wanted only Maple hardwood.  He advised that maple would cost us more.  This was on May 23rd, 2011.  On May 24th, 2011, delivery was made. His original ad quoted a cost of $200 per cord, but the maple was quoted at $265 per cord, plus an $80 delivery fee.  We paid him $1140, in cash, before he would even dump the wood in our yard.  We realize our mistake here, after reading your website.  It was getting dark outside at the time of delivery and from where we stood, the wood looked fine.  We did request a receipt and were told he would write one for us in the truck as soon as the wood was dumped.  However, after dumping the wood, he lowered the box, jumped back in the truck – and drove off!  No receipt was provided.  My husband was irritated and we attempted to follow him, but by the time we manoeuvred the car around the wood which blocked the entrance to the driveway, we’d lost sight of him.  We did find reference to this person as operating from Cooks Bridge Road.  There is no such operation there!  We questioned people in that area when looking for him.  We did not know these people – and they had never heard of him operating out of that area; however, some made mention of rumours that such a person did operate from the Cole Harbour area.
After following the Google Street Map shown on your site, we are positive that this white truck with the grey box was the truck in our yard. The man had a small dog with him, who tried to get out of the truck and I must say, this man is cruel & should not be allowed to have animals. We’d guess this man to be in his 60’s (or close to it).  He has a limp & favours one leg.  Repeated calls to his number resulted in them going to a dial tone after 5 rings.  We even drove out there yesterday afternoon.  Is this a stockade, junk yard or something??  Not hard to see why he has an 8’ boarded fence around the property!
As for the wood he delivered, it was supposed to have been cut the previous year.  It was also supposed to be entirely maple.  We are not (or were not until reading your website!) authorities on wood; however, my father is.  He told us we’d received nothing more than a combination of softwood, downed debris wood comprised of white birch, a small amount of maple, spruce and poplar – and other types of “make-up wood”.  I’m not sure what “make-up wood” is, but let’s just say my father was less than impressed!  As for the wood: there were a lot of mis-cuts with different sized wood in length and perhaps 15% with soft centers (or as my father called it, “mush wood”).  This was supposed to have been reasonably dry.  We paid for dry wood.  It was not.  There was a lot of small, un-split wood that my father called “toppings”, saying they were limbs & tree tops, mixed in with the wood.  To add insult to injury, when my father finally scaled it out when piled, he scaled it at less than 3 cords of wood!  Did we get screwed over, or what???
As for our recourse, we tried for several months and finally gave up.  We were able to burn about half of the wood this year and then had to purchase more wood as the other half was not usable. Thanks again to my father, who found someone to deliver wood from the other side of Truro.  If not, we would have had serious issues for heating our house this winter.
With respect to the ads you refer to and the complete disregard for any sense this man may have, can you not sue him?  Since you have made this location a location of interest, it is our intention to turn this over to our lawyer, proceeding with it further if and when it is entirely reasonable & possible to do so.  It’s been suggested that Small Claims Court may be our only recourse; however, with no receipt having been provided to us, there’s no way of telling (without legal advice) whether we could win such an action.  We do have photographs for proof, so are keeping our fingers crossed!  Rather than deliberate as the information you posted from Ed & Heather – this is much the same story.
It is my plan to watch Kijiji very carefully & dispatch several letters to them in hopes of following up on some of the suggestions you make.  These are very clear & would be an effective method as serving to protect the people/consumers of this province.  As for this man in question: if you can find a name, would you please forward it to Ron and me?  Like you, we are bound to make this person held accountable and feel all Haligonians & residents of this province need to address the continuous falsehoods placed on Kijiji about wood and wood sellers.  What is so terrible here is that we now find it difficult to trust anyone!
Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for education we received from your site and the information you have provided.  If we can be of any help in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do know of another person who has had a very similar experience and will encourage JoAnn to contact you as well.
I was unaware that it was possible to gauge how much wood is on a truck by pre-measuring that box before dumping and wish we’d known that last May! (I mentioned this to my dad, whose exact words were, “This is information people need to learn before buying wood from anyone.”
Sorry for the long letter.  Had to “share”.    Thank you again, so very much.
Linda (& Ron)


January/21st/2012 INFO UPDATE:
I have spoken to Heather on this matter several times over the course of the past week. All I can say is that I am literally amazed that this individual can continue to convince people that he is the genuine article, and a person who literally feels he garners respect. From the conversations with Heather, it is clear that the individual is definitely like the wood, 'many cubic feet short of the quality and cords he fraudulently represents, sells and delivers', and far down on the low scale of intelligence. Personally, I am not trying to be rude, however, his actions do speak clearly of the character he is. However, once you see the letters he has sent to me posted below, the outrageous infantile postings on Kijiji and the things said by him about me, (and me being a person he does not know or has not met) I am sure that you will agree, the elementary level is most fitting for the ability of his professed intelligence. 

On the other hand, his recent postings on Kijiji, Posting articles about me while making it look like he is the smart one, turning it around and making the people at Kijiji and their site as puppets and both stupid, while threatening with clauses as thief, liar, fraud----and the list goes on, I personally think this individual needs psychiatric help. As for Kijiji, they really don't care. That proof is obvious in the letters to me telling me that they basically can't control what goes on their site, but ask me to accept their deepest apology. As consumers, we should all be concerned on that one for allowing this form of behaviour on their site since it is obvious that anyone can chastise anyone on Kijiji without proof and common sense. In a depth and detailed discussion last night with the R.C.M.P, this too was a concern on their part as they are looking into the slanderous and infantile claims publicly made on their Kijiji site. What is amazing, he still manages to con people daily through a series of different ads and lack of addresses while taking money under false pretences. People need to be on their toes when contacting anyone and buying wood. Trust no one. He is living proof by making that abundantly clear.

With an amazing break through today, I am please to be posting several articles that he posted on Kijiji, clearly indicating the intelligence level employed, which denotes the fact that he is afraid of being brought out into the open, and many reasons on why he stays hidden. Like the delivery person in darkness that he is, the shield of protection is gradually being toppled and I am positive we will have all out in the open within a month or so. People need to check out both the phone numbers and ads before buying when making contact. It is essential to learn how to cord wood in dealing with this individual. I strongly suggest, that you DO NOT TAKE his word for anything once you see how low in the gutter he will place himself to build a protective shroud around himself, and the fact that he operates under many names with no location. 

As you can clearly see from the letter and story from Ed and Heather below, this is an individual that will continue, unless people like Heather and Ed come forward. I do strongly urge you to do that. Stand up and be heard. Tell me and please write your story. I will protect all names, and 'Give My Word' that, like him, no traceable names and phone numbers will be made public.

Thank you/Frank.
Please remember, you could unknowingly be the next one on his list just as Ed and Heather were.
On Sept. 26/10 we responded to an article on Kijiji from "Franks Firewood Services $220.00 a cord 401-5198" for the following ad "1 year dry hardwood for sale, "sick of short loads" THEN CALL US WE MAKE U HAPPY. "Buy by the truck load & save $ or stacked on pallets for extra $. We offer delivery to Halifax, Dartmouth, Eastern shore, South shore, Mount Uniacke, Sackville" .

I called & asked whether it was DRY HARDWOOD and a FULL CORD for $220.00 (4x4x8)....his response was YES and a delivery was arranged for that day....he shows up with white truck with a solid steel black sectioned box (& a small dog in the cab which I understand goes everywhere with him), you could not see the contents, he proceeds to pull 4 pins from each side of box and then asked for $880.00 "CASH ONLY" for 4 cords& gives us a receipt, dumps the wood and drives away. 

 Once we stacked we noticed we had been shorted so immediately called him.....Like Trish, he swore, thretened & hung up, then proceeded to block our calls!!....so, we communicated through Kijiji with an Ad giving him a limiited amount of time to respond with our phone# or we would report him to the Business Crime Unit, HRM Police.  No success!, so we placed another Ad on Kijiji as follows; "Anyone knowing the principles or whereabouts of Franks Firewood Services, please contact".....we had many responses from disgruntled customers, as well as, a disgruntled employee. "Kijiji then deleted our Ad".
******Measurement Canada came & measured after filing complaint & the result was 253.7 cubic feet or 1.98 cord of wood*****  We proceeded with a formal complaint to Halifax Regional Police and after 5months, we were told it would take "too much time and resources for the type of crime and the amount of loss involved"  BBB would not process a complaint as they indicated the "business is not traceable" in other words, it does not exist!!!  THIS GUY IS BLATENLY RIPPING PEOPLE OFF & GETTING AWAY WITH IT.
Ed & Heather
Further January/21st/2012 UPDATES:
Please find the below address and info on a property, location and address of concern. I do suggest whereas this is a part of the Internet Highway and publicly produced, a visit to this property is more than worth the effort. At this time, my sources have revealed this, as did the conversation with the R.C.M.P. last night pertaining that this LOCATION appearing as a viable business. However, when you go to Google Street View, View Google Street view, circle the property on the map indicator, you find many things the same as in several of the Kijiji ads that reveal many pictures and info. These are done under several different posting ads with all types of different contact numbers. However, all of the ads do show up as the center of Halifax close to Barrington Street, as a posting site on Kijiji under the view map clause.

Furthering this, there seems to be a white truck inside fully described to me by several people that was the one that did make deliveries, only with the box now a different colour. On top of that, I have been told and have verified these comments, that the person driving and making deliveries is in the late 50's to 60's age grouping, has a limp, gruff sounding voice and  travels with a small dog in the truck. On further investigation from aerial view, much can be seen inside of the FENCED in COMPOUND.  There are machines of concern that have been shown on ads in part which are now on my files for future references. 

1324 Bissett Rd/ Now known as 1326 adjacent to lot B @ #2254 at the same address.
Cow Bay, NS B3G 1K7, Canada
To find the picture, click the center of go to Google Street View, then to View Google Street View and then click View. Note the left area top where you will find the direction changer. some experimentation will be needed. However, you can view this whole property. We will be posting this properties assessment info and ownership as soon as my solicitor completes the property search.

Below are the driving directions from my place here in Canaan, to give you points of start. These directions can also be down loaded from your area by logging into the map view. Hey, this will save all a lot of work and headaches if we all do some simple homework. This is proof that no one is safe on the Internet Highway and that no one is impossible to find. Isn't technology marvellous?

SLIGHT CORRECTION/January 23/2012.  Due to new information from HRM (as of January 23rd/2012 @ 2:14pm today, and my solicitor search, the address should be posted as 1326 BISSETT ROAD and not as posted being 1324------ AND DOES BORDER PROPERTY #2248 LOT#'B'. The driving direction are still the same as in the Black Highlighted address below. it is clearly identified as all properties here are operating as one. I do have all of the names on the Legal Property Search and owners. Surprising as it appears, the names are a long way from ANYTHING being posted on Kijiji. Therefore, this does leave this as a 'Property of Interest' unless the owners listed in my files do show WRITTEN and PROVEN reason to be NOT SPECIFIED as operators of the enclosed information pertaining to the Kijiji ads and informations in reference to complaints levied.  
Driving directions to 1324 Bissett Rd, Cow Bay, NS B3G 1K7, Canada
One has to question this property and what have been shown on Google Street View. The below instructions will take you to all properties listed above. However, this is one other property in this lot search as possibly not connected and therefore will not be released at this time.

- more info »
281 English Mountain Rd
Kentville, NS B4N 4K1, Canada

1. Head northeast on English Mountain Rd toward Canaan Mountain Rd

1.4 km

2. Turn left onto Canaan Mountain Rd

2.0 km

3. Continue onto New Canaan Rd

1.4 km

4. Turn right to merge onto NS-101 E

82.3 km

5. Take exit 1F toward NS-7/Dartmouth

700 m

6. Merge onto NS-33 Trunk E

3.3 km

7. Exit onto NS-7 Trunk E

4.8 km

8. Continue onto Victoria Rd/NS-322 S

900 m

9. Take the NS-111 E ramp to NS-118/Eastern Shore

400 m

10. Merge onto NS-111 S

6.0 km

11. Take exit 7E to merge onto Portland St/NS-207 E toward Woodlawn Road/Cole Harbour
Continue to follow NS-207 E

5.1 km

12. Turn right onto Bissett Rd
Destination will be on the left

5.4 km

1324 Bissett Rd
Cow Bay, NS B3G 1K7, Canada

FURTHER INFO as Posted on Kijiji last night about me by our little friend: Please view accordingly. Unfortunately, I cannot bring the ad closer due to the colouring on the Kijiji web site. I do apologize for that.


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Date Listed
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Please contact
Nova Scotia, Canada


Kijiji Articles below in the reference to complaints lodged against the ad that was placed against me. what I find most upsetting here is the inability of Kijiji to protect people by allowing ads to be placed without proper addresses and contact information. This is why the above area as 1324 Bissett Road is a place of interest.

Kijiji Help Desk Case Tracking ID: MYPQ8HNYY2

Fraud and Defamation, Slander on Kijiji

Ticket status:Waiting reply from staff [Close ticket]
Created on:2012-01-20 17:09:49
Last update:2012-01-21 06:25:45
Last replier:Customer
Topic:Report > Law enforcement inquiry

Date:2012-01-20 17:09:49 (-6)
Name:Frank Rhyno
Ad ID: 347859843



Frank Rhyno
Date:2012-01-20 17:43:35
Name:Frank Rhyno
The question is, what is Kijiji going to do about this once and for all. It is pretty bad when someone calls me at home and says, 'you have got to see what Kijiji has put on their site about you.' The key words here was, 'What Kijiji put on their site about me.' When are you people going to stop this person once and for all?
Date:2012-01-20 23:21:24
Hello Frank Rhyno,

Thank you for contacting Kijiji Canada Community Support. I am very sorry to hear about these upsetting incidents. This is very troubling I must say.

We will certainly take measures to investigate and block the person from our website in every way we can. Please be aware that this person is most likely aware of the was around these blocks as they keep finding their way back to the site.

We highly recommend that you communicate with the police in the case you have not filed a report to date with them. Please do know that Kijiji does work with the police on a regular basis and they can contact us for assistance. This will also include providing any information which would be helpful to the investigation.

If you would kindly advise the police to contact us by logging a ticket via our Help Page using the "Law enforcement inquiry" option which will be directed to our trust and safety officer, so we can assist with any investigation that may follow.

Again we are very sorry you had such a negative experience while using our website. On behalf of Kijiji I would like to convey our sincerest apologies for the trouble this has caused you.

Best regards,

Kijiji Community Support
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Date:2012-01-21 06:25:45
Name:Frank Rhyno
Thank you for the reply. However, using your letter, I find this issue with your site very troubling to say the least. This man (and I really cannot find out who he is for to go to court in front of a judge)will continue to assassinate me on your site UNLESS YOU IMPROVE YOUR SITE as I made suggestions before in letters to Kent. This is your responsibility as a provide to this service, both to me and to anyone that had the unfortunate experience to come in contact with and/or do business with. Again, it is YOUR SITE, KIJIJI AND THE ADMITTED FACT THAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE SITE YOU MAKE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. In my opinion, that makes KIJIJI just as bad as this individual.

He still is running three to four ads currently on your site and STILL after all of this you allow this. What are you people thinking here? What are you people at Kijiji actually capable in your own sense if you have this little control over your own site. PEOPLE MUST BE PROTECTED AND YOU HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO MAKE SURE THAT IS HAPPENING IN A PROPER AND SECURE MANNER.

i HAVE CONTACTED POLICE ON THIS MATTER as have others in the past and you people DO NOT MAKE THE INFORMATION EASY when you tell them they need a COURT ORDER to obtain the needed information. HELLO-----they do have other priorities such as murders, robberies, assaults, accidents involving death and everything else toward an unprotected society. However, you people at KIJIJI CREATE more turmoil and wasted time, wasted effort , and in many cases, wasted dollars, and in my case or anyone else, you WRITE, 'You would like to convey your sincerest apologies'; I question - how do you think that makes this RIGHT?

You people need to clean your act up and find away to totally protect the public or REMOVE ANY AND ALL ADS pertaining to FIREWOOD ONCE AND FOR ALL. You owe the public a site that is community friendly and not full of people using your site to jam others with crooked, slanderous and false accusations. On top of that, you do have a duty to weed out the Neanderthals and make sure your policies and postings regulations BY EVERYONE, do have proper posting addresses, verified locations, postal codes, traceable phone numbers, working or business locations and proper addresses TO KIJIJI at least, and above all, not to tolerate ANYTHING from ANYONE that is considered as VAGUE and MISLEADING. As a Community Based Business, you DO OWE THAT TO EVERYONE.

Frank Rhyno

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January/20th/2012 UPDATE:
This ad was placed on Kijiji this morning at 9:07am at the above date. As below posted in the second section, Kijiji clearly gave me the OK on the ad and gave me an ID#. Whether it is an issue of wrong category, or it stepped on someone's toes, the ad was clearly under the realm of good intent and was there opening an avenue to protect people from the many Wood Scammers Operating in this Province. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THRU TO GET THE FULL PICTURE OF WHY THE AD WAS POSTED. What does this say for 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH' IN THIS COUNTRY WHEN IT COMES TO Kijiji?

Make your Ad a Top Ad!

Get more exposure by being on the top of the category page!

Date Listed
Please contact
281 English Mountain Rd, Kings, Subd. C, NS B4N 4K1, Canada
View map

Have you been burned on firewood quality, amount delivered and the failure for those people to return your contacts on complaints?

If so, please contact me. I am working for you to stop the people doing all of the improper services being offerend in Nova  Scotia. Myself and a few other people are forming an association to stop the forever increasing cons out there.


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Correspondence confirmation E-mail to me as the active ad number.
Further update from Kijiji @ 9:08am/JANUARY/20/2012.

Your Kijiji Ad "Burned on firewood" is active (347742510).

FURTHER UPDATE FROM KIJIJI received January/20/2012 @ 12:22pm.

Dear Kijiji User, 

We have just deleted one of your Kijiji Ads for one or more of the following possible titles:

 * it was posted in the wrong category (for example a resume posted as a job)
 * it was posted on the wrong city site
 * the item is sold or no longer available
 * the Ad contained misleading or incorrect information (for example it was listed as free when that isn't the case or the price was obviously wrong or it stated it was sold by an owner when in fact it was sold by a dealer)
 * it was a personal opinion note or  a warning message that wasn't posted in the discussion forums.
 * it was slanderous or malicious

The ad that was removed from Kijiji was:

 "Burned on firewood" (Ad ID #347742510)

Please feel free to correct the issues with your Ad and repost it.  To find the best possible category for your ad, we suggest you  search for related ads and see where they are posted.

If, in your opinion, we were unjustified in removing your Ad you can contact us at:


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The Kijiji Team
To the above Kijiji ads and deletions, my simple question is, what is so bad on this ad. considering all of the comments below that were placed on their sites by known scammers who operate under several names, areas, phone numbers and NO BUSINESS LOCATIONS, WHAT IS and WHY ARE KIJIJI allowing this and not doing anything about that in reference to PROPER CONSUMER PROTECTION. I have even furthered the enclosed letters, plus other relevant information for them to deal with the issue and what have they done? Simply put, ANYONE THAT WANTS TO WARN, POST WARNINGS, POST REFERENCE INFO FOR THE B.B.B AND/OR WEIGHTS and MEASURES ACT CANADA AS A WARNING and NOTICE VENUE,  BRING ATTENTION TO THE PUBLIC and TRY MAKE SITUATION IN REFERENCE TO SCAMMING AND SCAMMERS BETTER KNOWN AND FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL, the ads get quickly removed. My questions are two. Why and what are Kijiji willing to do about it? In my opinion, whereas the people advertising have been passed to Kijiji for action and protection to the site, why is their ads still active and why when the issue of fraud and warnings not allowed to be posted as a proper warning tool for Nova Scotians. Under the circumstances I do think their clauses need to be REVISITED. ASK THE PEOPLE BELOW WHO FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY.

Jean Redmond

To whom this may concern,
            I would like to thank you for posting your website. I have spent literally hours on it studying the content and found it was more than informative. I must say that you captured many of the issues I wondered about for years. As a wood burning family, we have learned so much and now have a much better outlook on what to do on issues and the procedures to take when it comes to purchasing wood.

I was extremely taken with the category on hazards and comparisons to alternate heating sources. I had no idea that we were putting insects in our home and left us with the possibility of many uncertainties. I think this is an essential website for anyone who is a wood burning family to download and learn. Having been burned few times on buying wood, we have been very careful. No matter how careful you are, there always seems to be someone out there who knows a way of getting dollars for lack of proper wood in the end. We have been lucky on the issue of Creosote and find that it is a fact that having and burning dry wood is the only sensible method of protecting us and our home.

Being a resident of HRM, I would suggest posting a list of people who do scam others, have been known to, and that do not sell a sensibly qualified product in a safe and proper manner be posted. It sure would make it better for those of us who do not know. One of our big issues is the continuance of foolish ads always on Kijiji that leave you lost because no one will give you straight answers when asked. I find the site very misinformed when it comes to fair practice and deliverance of proper information about the people and businesses who advertise there. As for us, we had purchased wood from a supplier operating under the name of Big Charlie’s and found it the most horrifying experience ever. Aside from being rude and terrible to deal with, and to this day, we have no idea whom it was. When we called on the issue of the cuts, sizes, quality and shortages of the wood, we were rudely treated and told where to go.

Calling the Better Business Bureau did little, whereas they could tell us nothing other than complaints had been levied and little could be done, since the person who delivered the wood could not be found. We were told to call the Police, and in turn, they suggested venturing into small claims court whereas it was out of their jurisdiction. When the RCMP was contacted, they could find no such business. This was also ridiculous, since we had no names or information on the people and business. As it was, we paid for four cords of wood and ended up with about ½ of that amount when finally piled in the basement. On top of that, it was the worst mess of trash for wood that we had ever experienced. I see as early as this week he still advertises on Kijiji and still shows pictures of the yard from the address that does not exist. How does one find these people when the law cannot? Why is it that Kijiji does not monitor and protect us through their website?

Again, I would like to thank you and hope that you can save others from the vultures in society who prey upon the weak and needy. We really couldn’t afford this rip-off.

      Thank you for the site-----Jean Redmond
I would like to thank Jean for contributing to my site. I  have read the comments and the two that really bother me are the last two questions you pose. As far as finding 'these people when the law can't', I think much of it is about the amount of resources available, and as to what can be passed off and sold to us as the Civil Suit Remedy thru the courts. Unfortunately, it is an easy way to pass the buck and place the responsibility elsewhere. Nonetheless; it allows the problem to grow. In the process, it will manifest itself onto others who want to trust, and hope they can be treated fairly. Sadly, idiots like this person you speak of have nothing, will never have anything, and do not understand the rule of respect and trust, and above all, feel they are smart based on the below average intelligence they have. To them, it is all that they know and understand. For them, they are the LOSERS in life garnering only what they can't see. However, let it happen to them, and everyone is guilty, and will be called the worst. People like this strike out, wanting to be somebody,  and sadly not recognizing the true facts that they literally are the scum of society.

As for Kijiji, they need to amend their policy structure, and dedicate their website to allowing ads that can, and make people aware of the Scams perpetrated by idiots as this. I placed an ad on Kijiji today outlining fraudulent policies and it was removed within an hour because someone complained. I wonder who it was. Do you have any ideas? I am positive the way the ad was worded, it simply hit the guilty hard. As for Kijiji, their direct number in Toronto is 1-416-297-7000. Bombard them with your calls and get their attention over the foolishness and fraudulent advertisements on the site pertaining to wood suppliers. You need to contact them and REQUEST CHANGES pertaining to allowing ads that point out people as this, warn the consumer, and above all, make Kijiji Post proper information on their posting site before these ads can appear. Let it be understood people, Kijiji WILL NOT POLICE THEIR SITE as should be done. They need to insist on my suggestions of 'ALL AD USERS' have to clearly post full addresses, proper traceable locations of business, up to date photos of anything advertised, and last of all, the COMPLETE AREA AND POSTAL CODE TO MATCH. I am not sure of any of this helps, but at least I am trying to make a difference.
JANUARY 18th-2012 Update:
For to see one of the coloured pictures that this individual uses from other person's Websites and ads, click or tweet, or look this ad up on Google at the Highlighted Blue Firewood Vendors. How sad, no yard to work from, no place of business, no camera and this man claims to be honest and garner your respect and trust!!!!    NOTE! I have not corrected spelling errors and mistakes and posted this article as I found it. 

Seems to happen every year, and before the snow flies, it's happening again.
We're seeing lots of firewood ads, and almost as many firewood complaint ads. As usual, the warning ads will be deleted promptly and we'll be left with duplicate firewood vendor ads.

The complaints come as people order wood, get a delivery, pay cash, and find they've been shortchanged wood. It's prompted a warning from at least one police force, as reported on News957.com:
Halifax Regional Police have issued a warning to people who are in the market for firewood. And it's a case of knowing what you're buying and who you're buying it from. 

Constable Brian Palmeter says they've gotten several complaints recently from people who feel they have been ripped off. "Essentially what happens is a person will end up ordering perhaps, two cord of wood and they end up paying the delivery person cash upon arrival," he said. "They pay the cash before the wood is actually dumped and then the wood is dumped, and when the person goes to          stack it, it's actually considerably less than what they've ordered."

((((This paragraph was ADDED TO COVER PICTURE ABOVE RIGHT. ***Dble Left click to show picture of wood he advertises  right side (left red X) that is not even his and not even in this Province.  I do believe this picture is out of a Kijiji site in B.C. The picture of wood on Kijiji at present being advertised by another name at of the time of this posting here, is of paletized wood and is off of a present Kijiji site in Ontario.*** )))))          

Palmeter says some of the problems have happened with people using on-line classifieds or on signs on the side of the road. He says if you should check with the Better Business Bureau if you want to check up on a company's reputation.

A cord of firewood is defined as 128 cubic feet of stacked round wood, whole or split, with or without bark.

CBC radio did a big report on this early in the year, too. A sampling of some of the ads running at this minute:
CAUTION best firewood 440 5545 is a scam. careful he doesnt change names
again and rip you off your hard earned money.

Lots of different vendors out there...Take the time to source them out with bbb and joint stock nova scotia,,,Ask for a valid name & number..Tell them you would like to see wood beforehand and ask for address,,,If they won't,,,hang up and list number on here,,,

You have options, contact me we will try to resolve your probem, remember
processed cord is not a leagle unit of mesure, look up Firewood Vendors Nova Scotia for a full discription. Presently we are compiling a list of fraudulent vendors with the aim of takeing them to court if you feel you have been taken advantage of or stolen from then you do have recourse
Anyone knowing the where-abouts or Principles of " Franks Firewood Services" aka "ADG firewood sevices", I have also been asked about "Best Firewood" if you have dealt with anyone of these companies, please contact
Firewood Check these numbers out 440.5545 & 401-5198 before you buy look these up at BBB before you buy from them...You can search by name or phone number

warning this guy is ripping people off 4405545
he is in the top 5 on kijiji he is a scammerz
But the police, BBB and others have a good point: know what you're supposed to be getting, do your research, and report any scams to police. CBC radio did a big report on this early in the year, too.

A sampling of some of the ads running at this minute:
CAUTION best firewood 440 5545 is a scam.careful he doesnt change names
again and rip you off your hard earned money.
Lots of different vendors out there...Take the time to source them out with bbb and joint stock nova scotia,,,Ask for a valid name & number..Tell them you would like to see wood beforehand and ask for address,,,If they won't,,,hang up and list number on here,,,
You have options, contact me we will try to resolve your probem, remember
processed cord is not a leagle unit of mesure, look up Firewood Vendors Nova Scotia for a full discription. Presently we are compiling a list of fraudulent vendors with the aim of takeing them to court if you feel you have been taken advantage of or stolen from then you do have recourse
Anyone knowing the where-abouts or Principles of " Franks Firewood Services" aka "ADG firewood sevices", I have also been asked about "Best Firewood" if you have dealt with anyone of these companies, please contact
Firewood Check these numbers out 440.5545 & 401-5198 before buy

Look these up at BBB before you buy from them...You can search by name or phone number.

JANUARY-18-2012 Update to the above and below inserted information:
I WILL APOLOGIZE and WARN YOU THAT THE CONTENT written below with the smiling faces, is is the actual letter to me, on, and through a KIJIJI POSTING AD, from one of the Scammers, and very connected to the below and top articles. This is a clear indication of the mentality and concern for respect that this man has toward anyone, including the Kijiji site.  As a result of the posting of his original ads on Kijiji, I personally feel they are partly responsibile. The simple question is, is this someone you can trust when it comes to buying wood?

Please read from the bottom up to get the proper story in the articles written. However, Kijiji chose to remove my ad that brought this about, so therefore I cannot post the original ad of mine or his that were posted.

From: Frank Rhyno [mailto:d2b@xcountry.tv]
Sent: January-18-12 7:59 AM
To: 'the truth'
Subject: RE: Reply to your "FIREWOOD BUYERS WARNING" Ad on Kijiji

You are so amazing for an imbecilic Neanderthal. Is this the best you can do in a letter? Come on----I really thought you have more cranial delivery than that. As for your cheap talk, bugs are meant to be stepped on and squashed. Can you feel the foot coming? I do want you to know that you may threaten me all you like. You are just an excuse; and a poor one at that for a human being. I am not sure why you think that God should give you a licence to steal and con people, while trying to find more ways to screw other people over. I will PROMISE YOU THIS; you are now my main concern and reason for being in this business. It was you who brought me into it. Now that I am here, prepare yourself. I am not like the people you have been jamming it to. You will find me more than a ‘Willing Adversary.’ Unfortunately, it is your intelligence level and attack on the proper use of the English Language that also concerns me. Oh wait----- I guess I should know better than to be trying to match wits with someone still below the Elementary level.

For the record, I am not sure what you think you know about me, but learn one thing. Your childishness does not make me afraid. So----did your mom have to put a ‘Pork Chop’ around your neck to get the dogs in the neighbourhood…..no wait……you weren’t from a neighbourhood; to get them to dig the rock up from where you were hiding? Better yet, I am sure you must have family really proud of what you are. I can see the discussion at the dinner table. Mmmmm, ‘just toss the ingrate a few scraps of stuff we don’t want. He will eat and do anything.’ Yup-----you are going to be my main objective in life. By the way, did you know that ‘idle threats are for mindless idiots’ without a purpose and responsibility in life?

And….since you think you know me, please take time, drop down for a coffee. You just might be happy you did. Oh, and the pictures you are posting from B.C. and other homes, trucks and areas, I will be telling the people that you have none of your own. How could you----you DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS. Take care my new found friend.


From: the truth [mailto:thetruths@post.com]
Sent: January-18-12 12:55 AM
To: d2b@xcountry.tv
Subject: Re: Reply to your "FIREWOOD BUYERS WARNING" Ad on Kijiji

 Jerks like you I will not meet so don`t dare try to meet me or you will get bad results !     
  Oh  others are getting started on you as I`m too busy for jerks like you, you owe a lot of money to some people & so use your fucking money &  prepare to pay the people the money that you ripped off you best get ready to pay up because someone is gonna collect ! (for the record I overheard this from some other uneducated bikers )
As for the warning ads you asshole put an ad in against me so don`t order shit that you can`t  eat it,so asshole do your
ripoff business & fuck off  unless you want to escalate things
& you won`t like the results ,I don`t have time for this bullshit & you best not have any more time to repeat your stupid warning ads or next time I will be on you so bad in a way you won`t be able to stop me next time you will lose all your business .

  ----- Original Message -----
From: Kijiji Reply (from d2b@xcountry.tv)
Sent: 01/17/12 12:53 PM
To: thetruths@post.com
Subject: Reply to your "FIREWOOD BUYERS WARNING" Ad on Kijiji

Hello! The following is a reply to your "FIREWOOD BUYERS WARNING" Ad on Kijiji:
The boxed letter below, was in fact what brought about this person's remarks on Kijiji about me. Unfortunately, Kijiji removed his defaming infantile and personal attack on me (someone whom I really don't know and has never met me) thru his ad before I could copy it.
From: d2b@xcountry.tv


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The below article has been used by me in reposting. I would like to thank the Laker Newspaper and P. HEALEY for the article and its content.

WAVERLEY: Trish Polley has a message for others looking for firewood – make sure you do the research and know who you’re dealing with.
Polley and her husband, Seldon Stevens, thought they were getting a good deal when they inquired about getting four cords of wood from Frank’s Firewood Service. They called the number they saw advertised on bright yellow signs in the Waverley and Fall River areas.
Shortly after being called, the man arrived with the wood for the couple at their Waverley home. He asked for $880 ($220 a cord) cash before unloading and Polley obliged. After dumping the wood, the couple started to put it away.
“That’s a lot of money when I’m on maternity leave,” Polley said. “He’s still doing this to other people.”
It wasn’t long before they realized they may have been shorted and ripped off by the man. They only managed to get 2.4 cords of firewood, not the four cords they paid for. This was backed up by an official of Measurement Canada who visited the home and measured the wood. The duo usually piled two cords in the basement and two cords in their backyard.
“We’ve been piling wood for five years here,” Polley said. “This year all of the wood fit in the small room in the basement. That seemed strange.” 
They proceeded to contact Frank’s Firewood about the discrepancy and received a reply that he cut the wood from eight foot lengths and that is a legal cord.
“He then swore at me and hung up the phone,” she added.
After going through this difficulty, Polley and Stevens wondered if they were the only ones. It turns out they are far from the only victims.
“We talked with people who were putting up similar ads warning people not to buy wood from him with his phone number 401-5198,” she said. “They’re trying to do some investigations to take him to small claims court.”
Polley has filed a complaint with Halifax Regional Police about their incident.
She was told by Measurements Canada that if it’s the same guy, they have a big file on him and are trying to investigate him, but he keeps changing his businesses name.
According to the Better Business Bureau, Frank’s Firewood Service is also known as ADG Firewood Services. It’s reported to be located at 1305 Cooks Brook Road in Cooks Brook. A file was opened on this company in Sept. 2010. The BBB has given them an F rating. 
This rating was based on the fact there have been three complaints filed against them, They don’t have sufficient information to determine how long the business has been operating and they don’t have enough background information.
Michel Cimpaye, media relations with Industry Canada, said Measurement Canada conducts various monitoring activities. He couldn’t say if they have a file on Frank’s Firewood Service.
“If and when Measurement Canada conducts investigations it does so under the authority of the Weights and Measures Act,” Cimpaye said. “We don’t disclose information on our investigations.”
Polley said by going to The Laker and telling her story it’s her hope it will give a warning for others so they don’t make the same mistake.
“Be careful who you buy firewood from and don’t buy it from that guy,” she said. “He’s cheated us. We don’t want others to get cheated and would like the rest of our money back.”
Cimpaye said the government agency has a publication, Buying Firewood? Don’t get Burned, which provides useful information for consumers looking at a firewood purchase. It can be found online at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/lm03963.html.
He added the provincial government also has a registry of firewood vendors in Nova Scotia. This voluntary registry provides consumers with a list of firewood vendors who have agreed to conduct business according to the Code of Ethics of the registry. More information can be found at http://www.gov.ns.ca/snsmr/firewood/.
“Consumers should always obtain a receipt from the firewood dealer indicating the amount of firewood delivered and the price charged,” Cimpaye explained. “This receipt will be necessary for further inquiry into the matter should they suspect to have received an inaccurate measure.”
He said if a person suspects they have received inaccurate measurement and have been unable to resolve the matter with the vendor, they should then contact their local Measurement Canada office. 
“Once the firewood is measured and a statement of quantity is issued by a Measurement Canada inspector, the consumer should contact the vendor to try and obtain compensation for any inaccurate measure. If the consumer cannot obtain satisfaction, he/she may again contact the inspector.”
At that point, Cimpaye said, the inspector may then contact the vendor to explain the requirements of the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations and advise the vendor that a complaint has been made and of Measurement Canada's results of quantity of the firewood delivered. 
“However, the inspector cannot become involved in discussions between the vendor and the consumer regarding possible compensation for any inaccurate measure,” Cimpaye said. “Consumers may also be advised that one means of obtaining compensation is through small claims court.”
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