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1. Home Page Outline Opening is now complete/January 30/2013: 

This whole website is currently under construction and will be confusing for awhile. Please bear with me. Frank.

This site will be dedicated to Firewood Scammers, Tricks and one main character, who is without a doubt the worst crook in Nova Scotia. Operating under more names than one can remember, he is without a doubt the one person; along with those affiliated under many assumed names and false locations, to BEWARE of. That is shared in this site, along with the mindless ads and mental instability of this individual.

JANUARY 30th/2013 UPDATE: 

 As for the picture below, is me, and I am not as pretty as the tractors.  Reaching the 65 year old platform in my life has been interesting. On the journey, I found myself being involved in the FIREWOOD INDUSTRY more by accident and through the path of being SCAMMED by person's selling FIREWOOD. So, in the best way to help people who may and may not have been SCAMMED or CHEATED yet on wood purchases, I have embarked on a route to bring forth some of these individuals who are guilty of the WORST crimes in this field. 

However; I do tell it as it is and make every effort to give the best researched information to the wood industry by personal education, experiences, and make available all information that will help protect 'You - THE CONSUMER' from the wrath of the cooked Firewood Scammers and Cheaters who profit daily and weekly by their ability to deceive innocent people. My main objective here is simple. With great pleasure and anticipation it will be my main objective to show ways to protect yourself on wood purchases between this Website and my Main Website that is connected to this one. 

If you do not like reading, this is NOT A SITE to visit.

 A few truthful comments from me:

This web site is about the people making this business look bad for the honest persons in it. If you are a consumer contemplating or even buying firewood, you do need to read both of these sites and make sure you are not being scammed by some of the people herein named. It is important to know and understand that Scammers and Cheaters in this business will avoid truth, any and all direct connections to them by forms of any path including writing letters, Emails, faxes and in the process underneath: 

(1) post true identities and contacts on ads
(2) run Kijiji ads & post signs with true locations
(3) operate under true & accurate postal codes
(4) operate under one address as accurate
(5) post proper & accurate ads w/contact records
(6) use their own names for any reason
(7) use proper pictures in ads
(8) want you to call them after delivery
(9) entertain complaints
(10) want you to have ANY accurate info on them 
(11) want you measuring the load before dumping
(12) want you inspecting the load before dumping
(13) want you to moisture probe the load content
(13) want you at their yard to view wood prior to delivery
(14) will not sign your invoice if asked
(15) they will not show proper identification
(16) accept phone calls after delivery
(17) return complaint phone calls or emails
(18) give you legal receipts that will connect them legally to anything that will relate to the wood, finding you or a conviction.

HOWEVER, they will:
(1) POST misleading information
(2) PLACE incorrect information on ads to deceive
(3) NOT want you to find them
(4) TALK competitors down by any means possible
(5) Be notorious for short cording
(6) WANT to be paid before delivery is tendered
(7) ALWAYS be vague on any topic asked
(8) ALWAYS be looking for ways to cheat you
(9) USE many ads to bring business to their door
(10) WANT you to sign a release or waiver on a load so you cannot hold them responsible for anything.
(11) GIVE generic and false un-numbered and untraceable invoices with illegal names
(12) GIVE multiples of mixed wood that many consider as junk wood
(13) CHARGE taxes without a proper registered HST number
(14) Corner block, Floor Platform and Cross Pile loads to appear as more wood than being delivered
(15) Want to deliver at dark or in bad weather

Simply put: Be on your toes and DO NOT be fooled. Ask and OBTAIN drivers license, truck permit, insurance card, and any other relevant information so that YOU CAN TRACK and FIND THEM. Remember, if they are on your property, you DO HAVE THE RIGHT to ask for any of these pieces of identification. Should there be a refusal to any of these, WALK, RUN or DISAPPEAR, and DO FORGET what is being offered in the way of firewood.

It is important to know that I am from the Valley Area and do make all information and location of operations for me accurate and public. (PLEASE SEE MY SITE FOR ANY WOOD INFORMATION or PERSONAL COMMENTS.) PLEASE REFER OR FORWARD TO:  

As for the name I previously used and operated under for three years, since it was not a registered name, it was taken from me by one of the two worst Scammers in this Province, and SADLY, registered to them for a measly Hundred dollar fee. How Sad. Presently, the name 'Frank's Best Buy Firewood' under Registry title number 326036 is in the hands of and registered by:

Jonathan Stephen Mathews                                  
253 Pleasant St.                                                               
Dartmouth, N.S. B2Y 3S1  who is in partnership with Arland Gave below.
Arland Gave
1324 Bissett Road                                              
Cow Bay, N.S. B3G 1K7
Their plan was simple. Let's get a legitimate business and get his business through that name. Well, that sure backfired because before this, I really never had much information on them. But, in the context of the next pages and sections of this site, you will see Kijiji ads designed to discredit me with the mentality and writing ability of a 5 year old (excuse me - but perhaps that is setting the bar too high here) as well as ads under many names designed to elude truth and fool you, the consumer in the process of getting your money. 

If you want to see how and where these crooks operate from, please go to Google Maps. Call up Street View for this address above for Arland Gave, as well as Jonathan  Mathews and see where these crooked Scammers operates from. The boarded up fortress he made so that NO ONE can get to him for his dirty deeds and crooked actions against innocent people, clearly speak for the business they operate and how. With this program, you can literally see inside of his protective compound. This, the trucks, the machines; this is all from the money they SCAM daily on Crooked Sales on FIREWOOD.

Wood contacts all come from here, deliveries, and the junk he sells for firewood are hidden behind these walls. Simply put, what maniac would have this if he were a True Common Sense Business and Business Person? Only Arland Gave and Jonathan Mathews. Why is simple. They are the instigators of crooked business in HRM and surrounding areas, and Arland has been doing this going on 20 years. When it comes to Scamming people on Firewood and Cheating them out of Hard Earned Money, they are top of the Firewood chain. Pay attention to the Kijiji ads and the many NO NAME SIGNS on telephone poles from a 50 mile radius of Halifax or HRM if you will. Remember, this is who and what you are buying from. This is the TRUE LOCATION for all of the no-name ads that they place daily on Kijiji.

For now, should you get burned by this or these persons, or falsely represented by persons using what was my old name or personal name; amongst others, I STRONGLY SUGGEST many complaints to Kijiji for removing my info ad, and allowing these SCAMMERS to continue when proof was sent to KIJIJI.  Then on the other hand, KIJIJI DOESN'T CARE. All they want is the money for ad advertisements and DO NOT want to be connected with personal complaints because people like Arland and Jonathan is their bread money.

I further this, by suggesting immediate contact to the B.B.B., Weights and Measures Canada, Measurement Canada, and appropriate Police departments - although most of this will be a waste of time because they literally have no power. The Police will be no help. They will clearly outline the incident and represent themselves and the Crown by saying, 'BUYER BEWARE' or 'Take it to Small Claims Court.'  Remember, it is against the law to misrepresent, lie and cheat on the delivery of any product while fraudulently planning to take money for what has not been delivered as promised. Then again, between the Police, the Crown, Our laid back Stupid and Ignorant Government here in Nova Scotia; who clearly are not willing to protect the consumer, it is clear, you WILL BE SCREWED OVER ONCE AGAIN. It can be classified under the terminology 'Conspiracy to Defraud', if they would act on the Complaints. However, as the law goes, they PROTECT the likes of the 'Arland Gave's, and pass over the opportunity to earn their ELECTED DOLLARS that we trusted them for. If you do get Scammed and Cheated, get immediately in touch with your elected member of Government. It would be a start. from there, I URGE you to make a complaint to CRA with any and all info that looks suspicious.

In the meantime while trying to protect yourself against Scammers and Cheaters, do work on using these tools below as a means of helping to prevent further SCAMS. 
(1) Do fully read my main Website 
(2) DO NOT buy from No-Name ads on Kijiji not registered in this Province of NS.
(3) Do check with Measurement Canada on any name or person advertising wood
(4) Do check on the Firewood Vendors Registry (Find it under Service Nova Scotia)
(5) Do verify the Business Name with  the Registry of Joint Stocks of Nova Scotia
(6) Do check Police in your area before buying
(7) Do get at least THREE credible references from any un-registered seller
(8) Do check with CRA (Federal Government in HRM) to verify HST Registrants
(9) Do check with local media on stories (there are many)
(10) Do check with the Province BEFORE paying tax to make sure the seller is a qualified tax collector registered under the Provincial Energy Rebate Program
(11) Do take the license of the delivering truck down
(12) Do get the inspection number off of the wind-shield of the vehicle for proof
(13) Do ask and see the drivers license of the driver to know who is involved
(14) DO NOT buy from ANYONE not having their name PAINTED on the vehicle
(15) DO NOT pay for any wood before it is on the ground and you are satisfied
(16) Do not accept ANY delivery in the dark or bad weather
(17) Do not buy from anyone without moisture probing the wood at delivery


We feel the new and updated information enclosed throughout this site will become a very important tool for you, the consumer. We ask you to bear with us until all of the updates in the next weeks and months are completed. However, we clearly define all will be helpful in the long term. What brought this web site about is the continual bombardment of people being ripped off under the many scams, (including myself personally in losing my operating name of almost two years (Frank's Best Buy Firewood) to a well known scammer, schemes and offers to sell wood. 

If I do insult anyone by speaking my mind in standing up for the 'RIGHT of CONSUMERS' and telling it as we see it, please consider that it is not my plan to apologize. I am speaking for the silent majority with nowhere to turn; those people, (including  myself) who have been mistreated in the past, and for those who do not understand the ins and outs pertaining to Firewood, and what can happen when dealing with unscrupulous persons in all general characteristics.

 This web site will now be about bringing those people out into the open and making available all information that we can find and prove. The best Method to BUY FIREWOOD is RESEARCH into who has it and who is selling it. Remember, that cheap is a deal.....however, experience has taught most of us what deals and sales are really about. It is an avenue to dispose of SOMETHING you don't want , can't sell, and/or need to get rid of for reasons never advertised.

I STRESS-----do not take what is written in ads on Kijiji as the gospel truth. DO your homework. Let me know if you have been literally screwed over by someone in the business, selling and marketing themselves as someone  conscientiousness and caring. Remember this, if we all get on the same page, we can make a difference and eliminate the Neanderthals in the industry.

Do contact the B.B.B. and Police before buying for your own peace of mind. I am not sure it will do any good, but there is always the chance that maybe, you will find something to make you smarter than the one trying to Scam or cheat you. 

TRUST FEW! Take very few advertising on Kijiji serious by what they write if there are no proper addresses, locations of business for viewing, and no traceable means of finding them. This site will be also dedicated to helping to both Police this industry, and make available and help you better understand some of the wood scams being perpetrated by people posing as to what they aren't. I  want to make  a difference and make available WHAT THEY REALLY ARE!  

THE WHOLE IDEA, IS SAFETY, CONSUMER PROTECTION, and hopefully in time, the PREVENTION of these continued practices by the chosen, and self appointed few, WHO THINK THEY ARE THE WOOD GODS of Nova Scotia. Sadly, with the many multiples of deception in the ads and many different names  continually published repeatedly on Kijiji, one has little protection as it now is. Remember, Kijiji doesn't care and only is in this for the money in ads. Place an ad on there warning or saying beware of SCAMMER. See if they let it live for a week or remove it within 12 hours. My won't last 12 hours. Better yet, post the ad you were scammed by, the situation and when, I will bet it will be gone in 4 hours while the other ads remain. This is your proof about Kijiji.

Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or specific queries using any of the enclosed  contacts. My return policy on this site is usually through E-mails during the  early mornings or late evenings; with a full response usually within 24 hours. Supplying a phone number can sometimes increase the return time. And remember, the Email addresses as posted below are mine and do come directly to my business office.